Kenneth Jordan
2 min readApr 11, 2021


Live in the moment.

Focus on the now.

Don’t get too ahead of yourself.

These are all terms and phrases that have been thrown out at me during the course of my life.

Although a good feeling, living in the now is not something I find myself doing too often.

Working in the bustling world of commercial real estate in NYC certainly doesn’t help, but even before that — I was not someone that could be found without my phone on me 24/7.

Who said anything about phones?

I did.

I believe that for someone to “live in the now”, a phone must not be present.

You see it all the time.

High income earners going on retreats to get away from technology, people going on hikes, etc.

Is it worth it?

Certainly. A break from the fast life every now and then can definitely be helpful for changing perspective, gathering new ideas, and rereshing.

Personally, thinking ahead is all I know.

From the time I was a young boy, my dad explained the importance of thinking ahead.

“You always want to be thinking 4 years ahead.” My dad said.

“You’re starting high school, but you want to be thinking of college right now.”

That is something I’ve never forgot and most likely never will forget because it has gotten me to where i’m at today.

It’s probably a main reason why I choose to spend majority of my time alone, or why I often change my mind.

For instance, my friend told me he was coming to New York next weekend because fine women invited him to a day party. He assured me that we’d have fun, drink alcohol, and vibe. In the moment, it sounded intriguing which resulted in me saying “i’m in”, but as time went on, I found myself in my apartment alone and able to think ahead. I started to add up the costs in my head, and started to think about what choosing to go to this event would mean for my future. I’d lose out on money that I am not supposed to spend, and knowing myself, the alcohol will have such an effect on me that I will not be at peak performance for the week ahead.

Is it worth it?

Ultimately, it is not.

When you have planned a goal, the only way to achieve the goal is to alter your lifestyle in a way that everything you do aligns with that ultimate goal, no exceptions.

I now will be faced with the tough task of telling my friend that I cannot attend the event.

Although living in the now has it’s pros, being a forward thinker has certainly gotten me a long way and I cannot see myself switching up now.



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